Working with our team is different in all the best ways. That’s because each of us operate by a set of unwavering principles. In short, we Pinky Promise to...


Pick You Up

We’re all in this together and when you are thriving, we are thriving. So whenever you need some advice, some coaching, or a ride home from Dairy Queen, we’ve got your best interest at heart.


Do the Right Thing, Right Now

We are ethical to our core, so when we see something going sideways we take the time to make it right. We believe that the work no one sees is as important as what’s on screen.


Be All In

What else can we do to help? We commit to finding our way together and we don’t look back. We approach every problem and possibility with the excitement of camp people.


Admit We Don’t Know, Then Find Out

Humility and curiosity are incredibly important to our team. We are lifelong learners who bring others along for the ride by being interested, not interesting.


Protect Creators and Creativity

We’re grateful to work with some of the most creative minds alive today, and it’s up to us to keep their vision alive. What matters to them matters to us.


Embrace Magic

Sometimes we are magic-makers, sometimes we are magic-receivers, either way, we embrace the sparkle in life and send some Chippers with a heart full of gratitude that we get to do this.